Here we posted some useful info. 

Should you have some other questions please contact us with the form or use online chat icon at the bottom left of any page of the website

Do I retain copyrights in/to submitted content? 

Yes. Contributor always retains ownership of any digital content they upload on PrintJumper. By submitting digital files, images, vectors you grant PrintJumper worldwide non-exclusive right to publicly display submitted Content for the purpose of selling print-on-demand physical products, sell physical products with uploaded Content printed onto.

How do I know where my products are listed? 

We'll provide links. When we create a product listing using your design we'll pull up a unique link to each listing directly to your account on PrintJumper. If we list an item within a size variation we may provide you with a link to one of the products within that variation.

How do I know I have a sale? 

We'll sent a note. When we sell any product with your uploaded Content printed onto, we will notify You of a sale within 24 hours given we received full payment from a customer and the order is in 'complete' status on  marketplace it was placed on. Notification will be sent to your registered email address. Do not forget to check your junk folder. Also all of your sales are reflected in your account.

When do I get paid? 

On Monday. If you have had sales during a week we'll pay on the next Monday. We clear payments for overall sales of a previous week. We may either pay earlier but no latter than Monday. 

Have I just to upload files, nothing else? 

Yes. Whenever you submit Content to PrintJumper you do not have to do anything then. It's in our scope to create decent products, and do our best to make sales for you. You may focus on creation, we'll handle all the rest.

What about more control over us for you? 

It's possible. On some marketplaces all the sales of a shop are public. For instance Etsy sellers, which we are too, have option to disclose their sales on the shop home page. Here is the link to our recent sales there:



Say we have just sold something yours. The sold product will appear on this page immediately, this is performed by Etsy, not us.

In other cases we encourage you to trust us and know that you are always protected by Law and our license agreement. PrintJumper is registered under regulations of EU in Tallinn, Estonia.

Integrity is a core value here. Copyright ownership of uploaded Content is taken very seriously.


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